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    All You Ever Wanted to Know About Wet Erase Markers

    All You Ever Wanted to Know About Wet Erase Markers

    Wet erase markers are an excellent way to keep your whiteboard, dry erase board, or chalkboard clean. They come in many colors and patterns so you can find a marker that matches your style. If you're looking for the perfect gift for an office mate, teacher, or co-worker, look no further than our selection of wet-erase markers!

    The use of wet-erase markers is on the rise, as they are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. They do not require any special cleaners for removal and can be easily cleaned with common household items like soap and water or a rubbing alcohol solution. Wet-erase marker ink has been found to be nontoxic and safe for use around children.

    The following are some of the most common questions we get regarding wet-erase markers.

    What is a wet erase marker?

    In most cases, a wet erase marker is an inexpensive pen-like writing instrument that contains fluorescent dyes. When it is used on whiteboards or other nonporous surfaces, the ink adheres but can be easily removed with water and some elbow grease (i.e., cleaning). This makes them ideal for dry-erasable boards because they don't leave behind any permanent residue. They come in various colors so you can find one to match your needs!

    fine tip wet-erase markers

    Do wet-erase markers smudge?

    In most cases, you can rely on a wet-erase marker to work as advertised. You might notice some smudging if the ink is not fully dried or if the board is extremely wet, but for most purposes, you can use a wet erase marker without worry about smudging. In general, these markers are more durable than dry-erase markers because they stay on the board much better.

    Does wet-erase come out of clothes?

    Yes, it can. You should always be sure to allow a few seconds to dry when using wet-erase markers to avoid getting markers on your clothes. If you do notice that the ink has stained your clothing, be sure to use water and dish soap in order to wash out any remaining residue before washing the garment again.

    How do you clean a wet-erase board?

    The best way to clean a wet-erase board is to use a wet-erase board cleaner. These cleaners are designed to remove any ink from the surface of the board and leave it looking clean again. If you do not have access to a wet-erase board cleaner, consider using water with dish soap or rubbing alcohol in order to clear off any wet-erase marker residue on your boards.


    How long does a wet-erase marker last?

    A wet-erase marker lasts for a few months. If you use it often, on hard surfaces, and don't store the cap up or down, then it will last longer. We recommend storing them horizontally so they last longer.


    Wet-erase markers are a great tool to have on hand for many reasons. When you need something that can be erased, these come in handy and they don’t require any special materials or tools other than the marker itself. You may find yourself using them at home with your kids while doing homework or preparing dinner; maybe you use them in an office setting as part of a collaborative brainstorming session with colleagues. A wet-erase board is also perfect for marking up documents before turning them into presentations because nothing will show through after being presented digitally later either!

    So what kind of questions do you still have about this versatile product? We hope we answered most of yours but if not feel free to contact us here! Our team would love to hear from you and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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